Wonderful Wednesday Thirty Three

wonderful wednesday thirty threeGuys, prepare to hate me a little bit: I’ve had THE BEST WEEK. And there aren’t even any babies or new striped dresses* or house moves to report. The old fella and I took a week off work together, we already had a big holiday this year so we just wanted to potter and mooch and bimble about a bit to make the most of the sunshine. If I had to guesstimate, I’d say we spent 87.6% of our week outside getting sand in all the wrong places (the remaining 12 and a bit percent consisted of sleeping and that one day we gave up to finishing season one of Nashville – seriously though, 22 episodes? WHY SO LONG NASHVILLE?)

*ok there was one new striped dress.

Getting back to work yesterday hit me like a *bit* of a sledgehammer and gave me a not insignificant migraine so we’ll discount that. In no particular order here’s what made the rest of the week splendid:

This Mornings’ Sunrise

That was it, up there.

Cinnamon French Toast
Feeling fancy, I invited some friends round for brunch at the weekend. In hindsight I should have bought pastries and pre-chopped fruit, in reality I spent the morning alternating between frantically hoovering and making stuff from scratch. Seriously, I found the most complicated protein pancake recipe the world has ever seen. No three ingredient wonder. The highlight (for me) was cinnamon French toast because, cinnamon French toast. The highlight for someone else was eating Nutella direct from the jar. There was a whole lot of laughter though and oh so much tea and that feeling I don’t get particularly often of being a functioning adult who entertains her lady friends. What what what. Then they left and I sat on the hall floor watching cartoons.

wonderful wednesday thirty threeSummer House
I spent a lot of the week helping the shed realise its dream of becoming a swanky reading room instead of a sad little lawnmower storage place. I painted and hammered and hung fairy lights like a demon. I watched the husband lay the flooring (I was chief plank passer – whose life is this?!) I risked divorce by banning a TV in there. It’s so nearly done and I can’t wait to show you. It’s already my favourite spot.

wonderful wednesday thirty threeToo Cool for School
Casting ‘fancy’ aside, I tried on ‘cool’ for size by hot footing it to the next town over to watch a band play in a pub…I don’t think it was a car park. It might have been a car park. Sigh. I wore boots the husband said belonged in Nashville, drank bitter and got down with the kids. I jest, there were no kids. It was a proper middle aged affair, the band were getting on a bit (fabulous though!) and so was everyone watching. It was cheery and the sun shone and when the sun gave way to the moon we had fairy lights and laughter to keep us warm. Do you ever write a sentence and wonder what that was all about? I’ve never been kept warm by a fairy light in my life. I just had a great night with great friends.

First Run
I tested out my running legs again with a cheeky 5k with my brunch buddies. Conclusions:

  1. I can sort of still run a bit
  2. My ankles are OLD and
  3. Devon is bloody hilly.

I was SO jacked up on endorphins though. Aces.

lemon and cointreau drizzle cakeThe Bake Along
The inexplicably addictive GBBO is back. Huzzah. I’m team Val or Selasi at the mo, I’m hedging my bets. I’ve joined in with the Bake Off Bake Along this year and kicked things off with a Lemon and Cointreau Drizzle Cake. It was the best thing I’ve ever made which doesn’t bode well for the rest of the weeks’ challenges but we’ve pretty much lived off it since Sunday afternoon. Are you baking along this year? Let me know.

K came back from Summer hols with her mum raving about Zootropolis. K is 18 years old. Seeing as she’s rarely wrong about films and anthropomorphic animals are totes my bag we settled in to watch it. It’s HILARIOUS. Seriously funny. The wolves, the volleyball playing giraffes. I’ll stop, just watch it ok?

wonderful wednesday thirty threeSecret Beach
We spent Bank Holiday Monday, the last day of our holiday, lounging like lizards on our favourite secret beach. You know, the one I keep telling EVERYONE about! It’s always dog friendly and always completely stunning. Sitting in the sunshine with coffee and pastries, splashing about in surf with the spaniels and nattering about life with the husband was a spiffing end to a great week off. And if that all sounds a bit to idyllic it may please you to know that we paddled out further than Betty was happy with so she set of a mexican howl on the sand. The shame.

If you haven’t had quite enough happy here’s an otter wrapping himself in kelp. You’re welcome.

How’s your week been? Tell me some good bits.

Sally is responsible for all this joy sharing so head on over to Sally Tangle for more jolliness than you can handle. And don’t forget the WW posse Kate, Helen, JoCatEmma, Sam and Kerri. They’re full of the good stuff.

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  • I can’t wait to see your summer house! I really really want one but I don’t think our garden is big enough. Running hills is not fun! But at least you get to go weeeeeeee on the way down.

    I am definitely team Selasi. I’m going to join the bake along but I’m pretty rubbish at biscuits so I don’t know how well next week will go. Your drizzle cake looks delicious.


  • Emma Fisher

    We just returned from a perfect few days in the lakes watching our friends get married, which was pretty wonderful.
    I love that you had a week off to just potter – it’s not something I have managed to achieve yet – I get all caught up in ‘not wasting the time’ and get mad at Jim for dithering on his xbox and that ruins it for me 😉 but I saw that shade you painted the summer house – it was perfect!

  • The photos in the post are EVERYTHING!!! That first one?!!? I love me some lense-flair action! This is #wonderfulwednesday at its very most finest and i love each and every word!!!! SO glad you had the best week lovely face!

    Sal xxx

  • Jessica Thoma

    This sounds like a perfect couple of days off work! I wish I lived anywhere near a beach and could just pop round there for a walk.. My week’s been great too though 🙂 I found a new job in a new city and I couldn’t be more excited 🙂 xx

    Jess | jess-inretrospect.blogspot.com

  • Laura Meredith

    I love reading these posts! Sounds like such a lovely week, there’s nothing better than walking the dogs on the beach! And I’m right there with you on the cinnamon toast front (and also Nashville – I binge watched a full series but need to catch up again). Also looking forward to seeing some pics of your new reading room 🙂 xx

  • Cinnamon French Toast sounds amazing. This week has been filled with reading in the sun, ice-cream on bank holidays and cleaning and tidying the flat.


  • Helen

    AW cuuuute doggie 🙂 By the way I’m loving your…playsuit?? Not actually sure what one calls the thing you’re wearing in last week’s post – but it looks cool! H x

  • LOVE this Wonderful Wednesday, and not just because of the otter cuteness at the end of this post! Love the shots of your adventures on your secret beach, nothing beats them eh? And I must see Zootropolis, everyone has recommended it to me so it’s on my list! I am loving the GBBO being back too, and I am rooting for Selasi as well – I just love seeing all of their creations each week! And Val’s kitchen exercises / dances were brilliant. Hope the rest of your week is just as fun! – Tasha

  • I love these posts of yours so much 😀 they make me want to embrace the simple life! And isn’t nature just the best!? There’s a hidden away footpath just down the road from my parents’ house where no one seems to go, so my boyfriend and I often walk down there and last time we were lucky enough to see some deer grazing!

    I’m loving GBBO! But Val, seriously?! Haha, she annoys me so so much 😛 I do love Selasi though, I like most of them to be honest (except Val, she can go :P). All of them seem much more adventurous and creative than previous years as well, all trying to do extra and stand out which is awesome!

    I can’t wait to see your summer house/shed! Have you ever watched the tv programme Shed of the Year? My boyfriend loves it (don’t laugh hehe) and he can’t wait for us to have our own place with our own shed to do up all cosy! Don’t worry, I would have said no TV too 😉 xo

    Amber Love Blog

  • Sunrise? Love it. Although, I mostly live vicariously through other people’s since I am rarely up in time to see my own.

    Oh I definitely want to see Zootropolis! I’m always down for talking animals!

  • Appreciate the Day

    I feel like I haven’t connected with the world for a good long time and I have come back to this gorgeous list and a happy sounding Michelle which is just fabulous.

    That sunset makes me feel so calm. In fact you, the beach and a week off is making me so jealous. Having somewhere selcuded and quiet (dog dependent) sounds perfect. The cute dog photos don’t hurt either!

    It’s a no to Val for me! She’s just too ditsy and down right annoying. I’m a little bit in love with Candice to be honest. Her lipstick, dimples and baking.

    Have a fantastic end to your week my love xx

  • Reading this made me laugh A LOT haha! I can totally relate with the running thing, why so many hills? I never noticed them before! Such adorable doggies and cinnamon french toast sounds incredible and somehow really autumnal as well, or is that just me since September started? xD xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

  • oh I absolutely loved loved loved this week’s wonderful wednesday post!! <3 I hope your coming week is just as beautiful and fun. I can't wait to see your summer house!
    Peta x

  • I can’t wait to show it off Debbie, it’s ridiculously exciting (that might still be the endorphins talking).

    And your passionfruit white chocolate drizzle made me DROOL! Looked divine.
    M x

  • You looks beautiful in the pictures I stalked!
    And a week at home was really bloody brilliant, we got loads done and snoozed our arses off. Parfait.
    I’m a bit giddy about the summer house. Way too giddy.

  • Fanks Sal, you’re gert lush.
    And it was my cheeriest one yet I think, of all the weeks that I’ve had.
    Hope you’re having a magnificent one.
    M x

  • Oh congratulations Jess, that’s brilliant news!!
    I am really lucky to be so close to the sea, we try hard to make the most of it (sometimes we fail and sit inside with the curtains drawn shovelling pizza into our faces like there’s no tomorrow!)
    M x

  • Thanks Lau, they’re cheery little ones to write.
    Pictures of the summer house on the way, I don’t think I’ll set foot in the real house ever again!
    M x

  • Seriously, SO good (even if I do say so!)
    You can’t go wrong with sunshine, ice-cream and a good tidy too!
    M x

  • Aaah thanks lovely one. I haven’t put it near my body in about six years so the fact it still fit was something to celebrate!
    M x

  • Thanks so much Tasha – how ace is the otter though?!? SO cool!
    Get to Zootropolis, pronto. It’s brilliant.
    I can’t get over how creative GBBOers are, the things they come up with are AMAZING. Even if they sometimes fail on the execution.
    M x

  • Ah thanks Amber. I’ve definitely learnt to appreciate the little simple things MUCH more since joining Sally on Wonderful Wednesday. It makes me much more observant to the lovely little bits of life I might otherwise miss. I bet the deer were amazing! I keep hearing there are a family of them near me but haven’t been lucky enough to spy them yet. All the more reason to get out and explore I guess!

    Ha, really about Val? REALLY??? Selasi is a bit aces though so we can still be friends.

    I haven’t watched Shed of the Year but I feel I need to cancel all my plans and watch it IMMEDIATELY!!! I’m so excited about mine (YOU don’t laugh!) It’s my very own little kingdom and I LOVE it.
    M x

  • Ha! My spaniel alarms mean that I rarely miss one. SURELY THERE’S A HAPPY MEDIUM??!

    Watch it, it’s amazing. I may also have watched it again last night after I came back from a thing.
    M x

  • Hello beauty, welcome back!
    Sorry to induce jealousy, it was an awesome week though! Come join us beside the seaside!!!!!

    And no to Val?? Really?? You and @amber_davey:disqus should chat!
    Candice grew on me this week actually, she’s a bit flawless!
    Have a great week yourself
    M x

  • Seriously with the hills, they HURT! But if I wnat to keep eating french toast I need to keep going! It was a bit autumnal actually, I do love a bit of cinnamon any time of the day or night but it does seem to taste better in the Autumn.
    M x

  • Thanks beauty, the next week sure has a lot to live up to!
    I can’t wait to show off the summer house – it makes me feel like a proper grown up! Coming soon.
    Have a great week.
    M x

  • Cat

    Candice?! Really?! She is nails on a blackboard for me, or a fork screeching on a plate. I cannot deal. Although in this week’s episode, they revealed she has a pug…things got a little more complicated, chez me, I can tell you. x

  • It’s super cute! I will do, it looks amazing and just the kind of thing I’d love! I know, GBBO is brilliant, love the creations each week.

  • Well done on the run! I guess I am going to have to take up running once the baby has arrived!

  • I used to write a weekly happy list on Sundays but life got a bit unhappy so i stopped, maybe I’ll bring it back again! Oh they were! There was a little baby one as well, so cute!

    Hahah I’m sorry 😛 I don’t know what it is, she just bugs me! I like Benjamina as well, and I can’t remember his name but the guy who puts lots of booze in his cakes 😛

    Deffo watch it! Some people turn them into mini pubs, one in London was turned into a mini nightclub and its just parties all day and all night haha 😀 I am not laughing at all! I would be excited too, in fact I am well jeal of your summer house! xo