Wonderful Wednesday Thirty-Two

imageIf happiness is being sandwiched between a cracking cup of tea at optimum drinking temperature and a flatulent spaniel, I’ve got it. In spades. And honestly, if that isn’t happiness then I don’t know what is.

The husband and I have this week off. A bit to enjoy summer at home and a bit for the annual pilgrimage to IKEA to stock up on mini Daims and those vanilla candles that cost, like, 90p? So far the week has given us a whole lot of sunshine, enough to bring my red nose back with a bang, and just enough cloud for us to be able to hole up inside and snooze guilt free. A break at home is the absolute best.

Other things that have made this week awesome:

Wonderful WednesdayDog Friendly Beaches

I know not everyone likes the furry ones (never trust a dog hater though, life advice right there) but dog free beach season starts WAY too early around here. I’m forever grateful for the few dog friendly beaches there still are from May onwards. Yesterday the husband and I went on a hunt for one. Sure, when the spaniels spot a bird strolling jauntily too close to them and go batshit crazy it’s not all that relaxing but all summer long I’ve wanted to swim in the sea with the hound dogs and I got to do that. And by ‘swim’ I mean hovered freezingly around the waters’ edge and by ‘with the hounds’ I mean they stood on the shore and whinged at me for a bit whilst the husband threw balls far too close to my face.  The sun shone and it was a good day to splash about in the sea.

Cheese Tea

Hang on to your hats folks, we’re about to get real controversial: cheese tea. Not brewed tea you heathen, no, a variation on the cream tea. We’re talking savoury scones with a side of chutney, a hunk of good strong cheddar and a token bit of lettuce on the side. Do it, come back and tell me how much you loved it.

Dry Land Yoga

After the great paddleboard adventure I decided to get back into a regular yoga class. The Strala Yoga session I went to last Thursday was awesome, full of good vibes and all kinds of impossible stretching. I came out feeling about 6 inches taller and smushily relaxed. I then went home and ate half a crumble.

Wonderful WednesdayCrumbling Marriages

On an early morning dog walk last week I foraged some blackberries from a secret stash I found (thank you poop bags/emergency blackberry receptacle). Apparently there’s a shortage of blackberries this year, did you hear? If you find a patch get in there quick. I got back from the yoga ^^ to find that the husband had baked them into a crumble with apples and honey. How awesome is he? Very.


We’ve become a bit obsessed with Nashville. No regrets. It’s cheesy and over dramatic and makes me think of rubbish old American dramas like Knot’s Landing and All Our Children but it’s completely addictive and we’ve been bingeing it when the sun goes in. We haven’t binged like this since early Grey’s Anatomy. The music is pretty good too, apparently I might be a country music fan, who knew? Hand me my stetson at once.

Wonderful WednesdayBreakfast of Champions

One of the best bits of having a week off is having the time to cook something really tasty to start the day. Lingering over breakfast is a luxury we don’t often get. We’ve scoffed an unholy amount of pastries so far this week but topped it all yesterday with a feast of grilled mushrooms covered in halloumi, mushed up avo and bacon. All the delicious and with time to digest it properly. Living the dream.

Wonderful WednesdayAdventuring

With a few hours to myself on Saturday morning I took the spaniels on an adventure; we found some woods we haven’t discovered every single inch of before and went nuts. Better yet they were woods with sea peeps.

Thanks Devon, you’ve completely nailed this week.

How’s your week been? Give me your best bits?

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