Wonderful Wednesday Thirty

wonderful wednesday thirtyMerry midweek to you. In another ridiculously busy seven days, it’s always nice to stop, drop and roll. Nope, to stop and take stock, that’s the one. There doesn’t seem to have been any kind of shortage of loveliness amongst the freneticism << word of the week right there. So let’s go:

Big(ger) Balls

Metaphoric rather than literal, although every week there seems to be an abundance of literal balls in my life. The squeaky ones. I’ve been embracing the super hero stance mentality and oozing (a bit more) confidence this week. It’s baby steps as all habit changing is but the couple of times I’ve tried confidence on for size over the last few days I’ve had some really great feedback. I’ll keep on faking it til I make it, turns out that works.

A Rose By Any Other Name

When we moved into our house the garden was a crap jungle. We tried our best to save as many of the established plants as we could but it had been neglected for so long that most of it wasn’t salvageable, it hurt my heart. We did however unearth the most beautiful rose bush hidden under weeds and mulch, cut it back and hoped against hope that it would burst back into life. It’s still going strong in its second year post-us, the bright pink blooms are just starting to brighten up the garden. We’ve been spending a lot of time out there this week.

wonderful wednesday thirtyOld friends

A friend of mine has been travelling and working abroad for a gazillion years, he came back to Devon for a fleeting visit and we spent Monday night in the pub catching up. It’s always nice to swap stories and share news as if at least three years hasn’t passed since the last time. And also, beer.

If you fancy following someone else’s adventures he blogs and shares stunning photos from his travels here. Be warned, it will give you extreme wanderlust and also a general malaise at your own existence. But he’s a jolly nice chap with a jolly nice blog, go read it.

wonderful wednesday thirtyDogstagram

After Em’s post on the joy of Dogstagramming I dipped a paw (sorry) back into Pete and Betty’s Instagram account. Don’t judge, it’s fun, creative and everyone loves a pooch pic. Don’t they? Except perhaps those two up there. Those are faces that say ‘put the treat on the floor and back it up b**ch’.

Confession time: I also quite like insta stories. There, I said it.

Talk Knitty To Me

I picked up my needles again this week. Yep, the thug life chose me. I normally turn to knitting when feeling extreme stress so it’s a treat to crack on with some when the stressometer is only at about a three. I don’t know, it’s just nice to create isn’t it? I think I’m going to turn it into a snuggle fest for the summer house because I’m just that person now. If it doesn’t look like a three-year old’s first project at the end I might share it with you. Spoiler: it probably will look like a three year old’s first project, I’m not so much with the knitting.

Sausage Roll

Yesterday’s lunch was an ice-cream in the sunshine followed by a sausage roll. I don’t know how or why it happened, I just blanked out and when I came to my face was full of dairy and pastry. It happens. And it was AMAZING. I’m finding it hard to be sorry. Or to stop thinking about it.

wonderful wednesday thirtyEgo Stroking

Totes self-indulgent but this week I’ve had some super lovely messages and emails from…’readers’. That word feels even more self-indulgent and completely at odds with my awkward llama approach to life. But they are people who read so we’ll go with it. It’s always lovely to receive validation of any sort so thanking you kindly. You’ve inspired me to also reach out and share some love this week too.

And now we are three!

The blog turned three this week. Classic Michelle – I missed it. It’s incredibly satisfying to have maintained this little corner of the webiverse (anyone?) for three years though. I don’t think there’s been a period of much more than a week where I haven’t found something to waffle on about. I’m feeling all inspired to crank things up a notch but you know, life. So we’ll keep trundling as we are I suspect.

A thousand ‘thank yous’ though, to each and every one of you reading this. You make it kind of completely awesome.

How’s your week been? Any balls or birthdays to report?

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