Wonderful Wednesday Twenty-Nine

imageWelcome to August. Guys, I haven’t seen the sea this week, I don’t feel good about it. Weeks in which I don’t get a glimpse of the big blue are by default not my favourite ones. So before I get all Debbie Downer shall we just get on with the sea-free good bits? Lets.

Dog Shows

Yep, we entered a dog show at a local country fair. I suspect the husband would like me to be clear here that he had no involvement, he was on the golf course the whole time guv’nor.

I would be more ashamed but we came third (yes, out of more than three) and I’m blinded by yellow rosette glory. Even better, it was something about braces – which I think means pairs – so I didn’t even have to choose a favourite hound. What a time to be alive.

So I’m now a person who enters local dog shows and it is glorious.

Hashtag Lbloggers

I hosted this weeks’ lbloggers (Lifestyle Bloggers) chat over on Twitter. It’s been a LONG time since I hosted a twitter chat and man alive has that one grown since then! I needed to be a lot more on the ball than my post sunburn wine fueled self was but I do love those chats for finding brilliant new blogs to read and new bloggers to stalk / follow in a normal, healthy, socially acceptable way. And it was really brilliant fun. If you get the chance to host, I definitely recommend it.

Controversial Chicken

Hang on to your knickers people, I roasted up a chicken on A MONDAY. I know. I’m stupidly excited about eating it with chips and turning the rest into an epic curry that the Body Coach tells me I can eat and keep my waist.  It’s going to be a good week. I can feel it in my waters.


The good folk at MoreThan don’t know me AT ALL: I already spend a good ninety percent of my waking time rolling around on the floor with spaniels. Still, they challenged me to spend an extra fifteen minutes a day playing and for every picture and public declaration of playing made on Facebook and Twitter they’ll give £1 to the RSPCA. So….play with my own puppies to help other puppies? Alrighty then. (I apologise for channeling Ace Ventura and thus showing my age in all its crow footed glory). The money raised will go towards a sensory garden for rescue dogs. Squeeeeee.

I’ve been fulfilling my end of the bargain and spending even more time prancing about with my wolf pack. It’s never ever a chore to see those waggly bums.


There was a time when I never thought I’d be able to adult hard enough to stomach mushrooms. Look at me now, voluntarily cooking them up AND admitting they were one of the best bits of THE WEEK. I de-stalked some Portobellos (fancy), stuffed them full of beetroot and goats cheese, drizzled with a bit of olive oil, some salt and pepper and stuck them under my new grill for ten minutes. SO delicious.

Trot On

I’ve started running again. After about 6 months out of trainers and at least a stone in extra cruise weight. I’ve done two so far this week and I’d completely forgotten how incredible it is. After my thighs stopped screaming that is. I *might* be off my face on endorphins but it does feel brilliant to get out and see what my body can do. It’s helping me sleep a bit better too.


Sour Cherry Tea

I’ve broken into a box of Taylor’s Sour Cherry teabags. They taste like throat sweets in the absolute best possible way.

We also switched our mortgage deal this week so we’ll be saving some dosh but on top of the mushroom scenario and the tea and the roasting it feels like just too much adult for one week. If it helps I’ll be spending my extra pennies on Monster Munch and Pot Noodles. Probably. Actually, I won’t, I’ll be spending it on my new buildings and contents insurance which incidentally I also got a cracking deal on. Is this it? Have I peaked?

How’s your week been?

Gorgeous Sally is responsible for all this joy sharing so head on over to Sally Tangle for more jolliness than you can handle. And don’t forget the WW posse Kate, Helen, JoCat and Emma – that lovely little bunch of chaffinches are full of the merriment. 


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  • Ahhhh MICHELLE this fiiled me with SO much cheer and downright merriment!!!! I LOVE that you are part of the #wonderfulwedensday collective (swanky no?) and can’t ever imagine you not being {no pressure matey!}, your writing is the BESS KNEES! Anyway before your pretty head gets too big…

    I feel you on the adulting, we now sit at a table and eat our tea/dinner AND we also had to sort out insurance since the move and got a better deal and will probably spend what we save on furniture instead of my usual binge in Anthro {weeping slightly at this i must admit – wish i could say i could combine the two but have you SEEN how much their furniture costs?!}.

    LOVE the #playmore idea – what a fab cause, it’s like it was designed with you in mind, no?

    PS we also dallied with mushrooms the other week and stuffed them full of left over roasted veggies and tomato sauce and crumbled feta on top and oven-ed ’em – SO melty and yum. The Mr suggested they would actually be rather fab served on a brioche bun. Who even ARE we?!?

    Sad about your sea-less week….can you make up for it? Maybe go twice at least? Can someone send a boat pronto? One that will hold at least you and those two {prize winning – weel done btw!!} spaniels of yours…?!?!?

    LOVED this! Happy rest of the week to you and your face!

    Sal xxxx

  • Sour cherry tea sounds delightful and just the kind of thing I need this week – I can feel the hint of a summer cold on the horizon! Love the Playmore one too – such a great idea and too cute as well. I think everyone needs a little more playtime in their lives, especially when there’s been plenty of adulting done during the daytime, and even better if it involves animals. I love your sunflowers too! – Tasha

  • I haven’t done an #lbloggers chats for months (it could even be a year!) – it takes me so damn long to write my blog I always run out of time to do the other stuff 🙁

    I’ve just joined a running club! Must be mad!

  • Yay for dog shows! Congrats on 3rd place, that’s pretty special 🙂 And now I’m craving strongly flavoured tea…


  • I still can’t get into mushrooms, it’s just the texture, ick!! Congrats on the dog show, that is so cool!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • Congratulations on the rosette, and the running (I am desperate to get back out, but am anticipating a regression to the shuffling, staggering state that I worked so hard to escape!). You have done lots of adulting this week, insurance and mushrooms are both things that The Husband is far more positive about than I am. Have a lovely week x

  • I yellow ribbon is nothing to scoff at, congrats to the pair of them!

    I’m with you on the mushrooms, I never liked them but this whole vegan thing has opened me up to many veggies that I would have just ignored before, must be a good thing, it is a veggie after all.

    Oh I had a nice tea that I’ve just finished the box of: cherry and cinnamon flavour. It was good 🙂

    Happy Thursday my friend.