Wonderful Wednesday Twenty-One

Wonderful Wednesday Twenty-OneA very merry mid-week to you, shall we do a small awkward group hug for making it this far? Come on, bring it in close. You’re squeezing a bit hard, yeah…it’s gone on too long now. Are you feeling weird yet?

This week has again been punctuated by the loveliest of pottering weekends, doing a few little chores in the garden, starting to sort through a decade of kitchen detritus before it’s ripped out and refashioned next month. Bear with whilst I type the most middle class sentence I’ve ever uttered: a friend asked if she could borrow some mixed spice, the only one I could find expired in 2013. We moved into our new house in 2014 – why did I bring out of date mixed spice with me? What kind of person does that? One with a rotten soul.

And on that bright and shiny note, here’s some bright and shiny from the week.

ONE Whilst out on our Saturday morning stomp the hounds and I stumbled across a community garden, bunches upon bunches of freshly picked rhubarb and an honesty box. I filled my backpack (yep, I carried a backpack, what of it? As I stuffed it full of rhubarb sticks I had flashes of Rachel Greene going to ‘find some stuff to put in my back pack’). I’ve rustled up some compote for my porridge and am feeling a bit zen and adult and not unlike the delectable Sally Tangle.

TWO Step-child number one sent me this adorable little filmy thing she made of our adventure to the moors last week, how cute is she?? The video is lovely, the fact that she wanted to make something like that of our teeny tiny Saturday morning walk made me want to weep a small tear of joy. She told me I could share it with you as long as I also plugged her instagram so here it is ri_meredith, if you like pompoms she’s your gal. She takes a mean picture too.

saturday mornings on dartmoor ?#bluebells #gopro @michelleoutsidelondon

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THREE Ripen in the bowl. I think I might be a delayed gratification kinda woman, I do love watching whatever I’ve managed to grab from the supermarket reach peak edible in my little fruit bowl. This week we did more pears and some nectarines, rocking and a rollin.

FOUR Being out and about. I made a semi-joke on Instagram recently (get me, social media bants) that every picture I post there makes me look so much more outdoorsy than I actually am. It’s not strictly true, when the weather is as b-e-a-utiful as it has been and the perfect storm of hayfever conditions isn’t upon us, I love some great outdoors.

Wonderful Wednesday Twenty-One

FIVE Reminiscing. I finally got to writing some of my holiday adventures – coming soon to a mobile device or old school desk top near you in the next few weeks. Sorting through the photos and remembering just how much we saw and did was a cracking way to while away an evening in the garden.

SIX The actual sea. We took the shiny new GoPro to the beach on Sunday I planned badly which is why I ended up in the sea up to my thighs wearing jeans. Not my finest moment but splashing about in the water with les pooches was pretty spectacular. Also, when I got home I felt the need to try to get into my wetsuit. A wetsuit we bought on one of our first holidays together in TWO THOUSAND AND EIGHT. These are some things that happened:

  • Punched myself in the face mid yank.
  • Husband also punched me in the face (says he was trying to help)
  • Oozing. Back. Fat. Note to self: never EVER stop yanking half way.
  • Pete hung his head in shame.

But it went all the way onto my body! This is very exciting news, see my excited face. Cue so very many more trips to the sea.

wonderful wednesday twenty one

(It’s very important that I now only go to things that are wetsuit friendly, I’ve been in the thing since Sunday, not sure it’s ever coming off).

And that’s that. How’s your week? What’s the bestest of best bits?

Gorgeous Sally is responsible for all this joy sharing so head on over to Sally Tangle for more jolliness than you can handle. And don’t forget the WW posse Kate, Helen, JoCat and Emma – that lovely little bunch of chaffinches are full of the merriment. 

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