Wonderful Wednesday Twenty-Three

IMG_1311The great kitchen sort out 2016 is well underway: I ballsed up my nose moving some dusty old shelves and had all of the catharsis clearing out my cupboards ready for the new kitchen. A lot of that sentence sounds euphemistic, it is not, we’re just having a ruddy good sort out before our shiny new shelves and wall mounted oven arrive in a week or so and it’s incredibly satisfying. It’s also pleasing that the summertime seems to have bogged right off, making staying in to make decisions about muffin tins not as painful as it might otherwise have been.

Whilst this week has been sadly devoid of wild river swimming, it’s not been without some brilliant bits:

Hostess with the Mostest

On Saturday we bid a final farewell to the old kitchen by holding a little dinner party in it. There were burgers and Pimms and Cards Against Humanity. As the queen of the introverts it makes me fairly uncomfortable to have a house full of bodies. The discomfort may or may not have manifested in a little G&T quaffing beforehand, I still mostly nailed the hosting though. And I made the mother of all baked cheesecakes – recipe coming soon, just as soon as we’ve polished off the leftovers and I have an excuse to make another.


Not baby related nesting, calm the eff down. For one reason and another it took me a VERY long time to feel at home in our used-to-be-new home, a long time to become invested in curtain choices and carpet colours and other alliterative accoutrements. Just lately though I’m enjoying all kinds of soft furnishing and wall print fun, spending some time finding the little things that make a house a home. I rather like it.

Simple Salads

I rustled up a cheeky caprese salad at the weekend, utterly convinced at the outset that it wouldn’t be as tasty as the one I fed my face in Rome. I was wrong, the tomatoes were peak ripe, the mozzarella rich and creamy, the whole thing drizzled with a bit of balsamic and scattered with artfully torn basil leaves. I could have eaten it four times over. Caprese salad. Make one now.

Screen on the Green

On Friday night I conned the husband, gathered up the teens, spaniels and some blanket action and headed off to the open air cinema right on the sea front. There’s never a bad time for Dirty Dancing and watching the sun set, turning the sky from bright blue to candy floss pink and beyond, with a cider in hand and the heady anticipation of Baby being liberated from her corner, made for a cracking Devonish night. Helped along by the scent of pasties and the steady hum of an ice cream van lurking in the corner obvs.

Thai Food and Girl Chat and Babies (Oh My!)

Leaving the old fella at home to watch twenty-two men he doesn’t know, on behalf of countries he’s never been to, kick a ball about, I hung out with some of my favourite women over a Thai feast. Thai food is never a bad call. Good thai food in the company of awesome ladies and a gorgeous four month old made for a ruddy brilliant Thursday. Never underestimate the power of a pad thai and a good natter.

Nice News

A few of the loveliest people I know have had some well deserved niceness this week, we’re talking weddings and awards and babies and all kinds of good. When great things happen to great people it makes every week a good one.

And you? How’s your week been?

*If you’re reading this before the referendum, or even on the day, please please please go and vote. In or out, whichever side of the fence you fall on, go find out all you can about the implications and make your voice heard.*  

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