Wonderful Wednesday Twenty

Wonderful Wednesday Twenty

This week’s Wonderful Wednesday is oh so late, I got sidetracked Googling ‘oesophageal transplants’ on account of the throat that FEELS LIKE A THOUSAND TEENY TINY SADISTIC PYROMANIACS ARE LIGHTING UP SIMULTANEOUSLY IN THERE.  Spoiler: bit of hosepipe or the inside of a loo roll should do a better job than my actual windpipe.

Fiery throat aside, this week has been a really lovely one. REALLY lovely. Full of firsts: first Pimms of the year, first BBQ, first freckles, first paddling in the actual sea.  I don’t want to be smug but it’s been easy mc peasy to find good bits to share. Bits I want to hold onto forever. Wonderful Wednesday Twenty

Sexy Ponies.  Seriously though, how awesome is this nosy filly? She was loving life as a Dartmoor pony, ignoring her showboating brothers and generally flouncing about wantonly.  Newly returned home R and I went on a moorish adventure on Saturday and stumbled across a whole herd (? Pack?  Legion?)  of them. Definition of a brilliant Devon day out? Watching tourists doing some beyond terrified selfie sticking near the ridiculously tame wild ponies. No better way to spend an hour.

Hotdogs and burgers and coleslaw, oh my. My mum’s been on the other side of the world for a whole month, we celebrated her return with the first barbie of the year. It wasn’t ground breaking and I was forbidden from making Nutella bananas (grounds for divorce, no?) but there was Pimms – elderflower and blackberry – burgers, corn on the cobs, sunshine and my favourite people. Bliss.

Juicy pears. The punnet of pears I bought last week ripened to perfection, so deliciously juicy and sweet. Yep, pears made one of my weekly highlights. Really not sorry.

I bought a GoPro. I’m BEYOND excited about it. I one hundred percent bought it for more reasons than filming the dogs… There’s definitely a blogpost in the very weird exchange we had in Curry’s but for now let’s celebrate the glorious fact that I have a GoPro and have so far used it to film swimming hounds and the husband when he wasn’t looking. Worth every single penny.

The Routine. Husband and I reverted to our old Sunday morning routine of day dating at the beach. The sky was a ridiculous shade of blue, the beach huts were back in all their cheery glory and the beach was FULL of dogs playing in the sea. Best. Hour. Ever. In other dog news, I met a spaniel outside Boots today-she showed me her belly and we instantly became best friends. *satisfied sigh*

Wonderful Wednesday TwentyThe Whole Weekend. I’ve cheated and used a whole weekend as a ‘thing’ before but truly, this one was just the best. So nice that over our Tuesday morning porridge the husband and I thanked each other for the best weekend we’d had in years. It was weird and polite and actually a nice way to round off all the niceness.  I can’t quite put my finger on what made it so lovely, I suppose spending time in the sunshine with my favourites is never a bad way to pass the time. It was relaxed and full of adventure at the same time.

The (blue)bells, the (blue)bells. After I posted last week’s Wonderful Wednesday, Sarah took me to see the bluebells at Holwell Lawn on Dartmoor, they were beyond incredible. Their abundant mauvey goodness was a definite  highlight.

And that my friends, concludes the wonderful for this week. What’s made your week amazing? Tell me stuff.

The delectable Sally is responsible for all this joy sharing so head on over to Sally Tangle for more jolliness than you can handle. And don’t forget the WW posse Kate, Helen, JoCat and Emma – that lovely little bunch of chaffinches are full of the merriment. 

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Devon | A Bit Of Blue at Holwell Lawn