Wonderful Wednesday in the Wake of Something Awful

Whilst I absolutely respect the wishes of others to do what they need to do, it just doesn’t feel entirely right to me to sit here and put together a Wonderful Wednesday full of my happy little bits of my week in the wake of the Manchester attack.  So instead here is a small, imperfect list of those wonderful little feats of humankind in the wake of something so incomprehensibly shite:

  • Chris and Steve, the two homeless men who ran back into the arena to help others. Steve helped children injured in the blast and Chris held a dying woman so that she didn’t pass away alone.  That is some level of selflessness.
  • Every single soul that opened up their home and put the kettle on for another human in need.
  • The queue of individuals willing to give blood on Tuesday morning to help the wounded. (Although reports now suggest Manchester doesn’t need blood urgently, people are encouraged to make and keep appointments).

Image result for manchester hugging policewoman

  • This hugging police woman (picture from The Mirror). Our public services are incredible, this isn’t the time or the place…actually, it’s probably exactly the time and the place isn’t it? For us to really think about how much we value those who throw themselves in harms way for us time and time and time again and whose infrastructure is being systematically dismantled by those in power.
  • Same goes for the NHS staff who worked tirelessly to help those in need.
  • The Rabbi pictured delivering tea to the police officers on the scene.
  • Each taxi driver who turned off their meter and ferried traumatised people to safety.
  • Every business that opened its doors wide to take in someone fleeing terror.
  • And every single person who helped out of the public eye.

The world can be a dark place but human beings are inherently hardcore. All of my thoughts this week will be with our friends in the north.

Be a little kinder to everyone, hug your loves closer, spare your thoughts for those innocent people caught up in something so senseless (both here and the world over).  Look after yourselves.

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