Wonderful Wednesday Nine

Wonderful Wednesday Nine
Wonderful Wednesday Nine

Not to over egg it but these Wonderful Wednesdays have been my little life line these last few busy weeks. Whether written long and languidly on a Tuesday night or in a Wednesday morning pre-work frenzy accompanied by last night’s Happy Valley and a desperate attempt to make my hair look lest birds nesty, this process of hunting down and extracting lovely little moments from the week before has been good for my sanity.  Even typing the words ‘Wonderful Wednesday’ forced a grin onto my sour little mush. I expect if we were in a room together, the sight of me smiling at my computer screen might be a bit creepy. Sort of ‘here kid, have a balloon’* creepy. However you’re not, so perhaps it’s endearing.

Shall we crack on with the things making this Wonderful Wednesday or shall I just keep being weird?

Strong gusts

Today I was nearly pushed over in the park by the wind but the rest of this week has been filled with sunny intervals, perving at daffodils in abundance and coatless walks. That’s right, COATLESS. NB it wasn’t warm enough for coatless, I was duped by the sunshine. The point I’m laboriously getting to is that Spring is most definitely springing and it’s swell. It makes most things better.  Fetch my Pimms at once.

Great Daffodil Heist

During one of my outdoor adventures this week I spied a cute little family with their arms full to bursting with pilfered daffodils from our local park. I considered calling the fuzz but they were so damn cute and springy and cheery that they stayed in my mind for the rest of the day. And almost tempted me to go out sans-spaniels and fill my own thieving arms with wild daffs from the middle of the roundabout. I’m classy.

It’s impossible to be unhappy in a house filled with sunshine yellow.

Old Friends

One of my oldest, favouritest friends visited this weekend, we had a very grown up catch up over quiche and tea.  There’s something really great about spending time with someone who’s known you for over 20 years, talking about everything and nothing, just being.

Step Mama’s Day

Because my step-daughters are the absolute best and filled my day with cake delivered to the front door by my favourite cake deliverer, a million Ferrero Rochers, cups of tea galore and sweet and thoughtful messages lovingly penned into naff cards.  And a hilarious post-it, you had to be there. Those girls are gorgeous and my all-time favourites. I’m incredibly lucky.

International Women’s Day

All the best days happened this week. It was exciting to see such a buzz and real excitement about IWD2016, the theme was gender parity which should be important to each and every single one of us. AND I had a ‘happy IWD’ message from step-child number one too, maybe harping on about gender equality all the time is starting to rub off.

I won’t be stopping any time soon.

George Martin Spotify Playlist

Adding to the sad list of geniuses the world has lost this year, George Martin passed away today. He produced some incredible songs, including my namesake – Michelle, obvs. I’ve had the playlist on all morning. As I type, it’s Live and Let Die – best Bond theme for the WORST Bond film? Discuss.

More Cake

In addition to the Mother’s Day cake, my nanna brought round some of her sponge filled with fresh cream and juicy strawbs. YES!!

I didn’t mention spaniels this week so here’s me and Pete making some pretty intense love eyes at each other.

Hashtag VSCO Cam. I wanted to caption it with ‘people will say we’re in love’ before remembering that Hannibal says that to Clarice. Abort, abort.

Wonderful Wednesday Nine

There’s plenty more happy to be found with the Wonderful Wednesday crew SallyHelen and Kate.

Chelsea threatened involvement this week too, she already rocks my world whether it’s Wednesday or not, let her rock yours too. And she got a new job, give her love.

And that’s that. How’s your week? Bright and shiny? Let me know down below.

*IT Stephen King

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  • Helen

    Glad you’re finding lots to smile about as I TOTALLY empathise with your previous post. I changed a job then career path a few years a go and both were RUBBISH. The change in career actually made me ill with stress so make sure you keep a check on it it’s a scary thing 🙂 but being thankful is surely the way to lots more smiles? xx

  • This made me laugh out loud {on the ‘LOL’ subj, one of our Saturday girls at work actually said ‘LOL’ in a sentence the other day. It made me feel really old when i asked her why. She said ‘well that’s just what you say, isn’t it?’ To which i replied ‘Erm. Don’t you just, you know, laugh?’ Never has the generation gap felt so vast. I cured it by watching re-runs of Fun House on Sky when i got home. I’ve almost forgotten about it. LOL} at the daff pilfering as i SO nearly did the same!!! Except i thought, they’re a pound Sally, A POUND that’s pretty much free. So i didn’t. But i’m not saying i wont ever.

    Sounds like you’ve had a fab cake, choc and general confectionary-fest lately and i’m more than jealous. I actually looked for Ferrero Rocher’s in tesco earlier but couldn’t find any. Extra points and a gold star for digging deep and pulling out the good bits in a bit of a shit time lately. You my dear are well-deserved some good and greateness soon for sure. I hope it gets its skates on!

    Sending love xxxxx

  • Stephanie Dreams


  • Appreciate the Day

    Those step children sound fab! They sound like they spoilt you rotten which is definitely deserved. And for your part you’ve obviously influenced them on the gender equality front which is obviously super important. IWD was super this year. I loved learning about lots of inspiring women, but we still have work to do!
    This week is mainly about cake, birthdays and feeling proud.
    Have a great rest of the week
    Kate xx

  • Weekly round-ups of happy things are massively good for the soul. Makes you realise you can dredge happiness out of anywhere, even if it’s as random as hearing rain pounding against the window while you’re cosied up in bed in the middle of the night (which is totally on my list this week!) And if nothing else, cake, Ferrero Rochers and delightful step-daughters make everything better!

    I’ve always loved Live and Let Die personally – it’s ultra-cheesy, but I always had a bit of a soft spot for Roger Moore, and quite liked the voodoo in the swamps angle. Best Bond song for sure! Also, CROCODILE SUBMARINE. That is all. 🙂

  • Josie

    I love reading these posts. They’re good for your soul and also good for us too, as a reader it’s so nice to read a big post of loveliness (and thank you for always making me chuckle too!) x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  • Can’t go wrong with cake and daffodils, even stolen ones haha. There used to be a place in my home town where it was absolutely forbidden to take the daffodils from (more than all the other places), if I remember, it was a memorial kind of place for cancer (my mind is foggy, it was a LONG time ago). You just reminded me of it with the daffodil-thieving-family story.

  • The cake sounds amazing – love creamy cakes and fresh strawberries 🙂

    Lizzie Dripping

  • That daffodil story is excellent, all I can think of is what a great family activity. Like you know, that’s doing stealing right!
    Also, dog envy right now!
    Laura x

  • The family who thieves together, stays together. I think that’s the phrase..
    M x

  • Is there a better combo?? I think not.
    M x

  • Probably legit reason to leave those alone. The rest of the daffs though, they’re so prolific – who’d miss a few (armfuls)?
    M x

  • Oh thanks Josie, that’s made my day! It’s always nice to make others smile so I’ll take that.
    (A therapist would have a field day with that sentence!)
    M x

  • So I think I’ve got residual Live and Let Die trauma, it TERRIFIED me as a child. Maybe I need to have another go, I’d forgotten about the croc-sub…it could move up the list on that alone.
    M x

  • I try to hard to make sure they get a balanced outlook on life – I want them to leave the safety of home believing they can achieve anything at all. Fingers crossed!
    M x

  • He’s a legend.
    M x

  • It’s taken me an age to reply to this but the LOL story made me laugh SO MUCH at the time. SO much. What is that all about? The girls say ‘lol’ as a word too, every time I laugh at them. Actual laughter, out loud and everything…
    And now I must stop and find Fun House re-runs immediately. I didn’t need that at the start of my hols Sal, I didn’t need that at all.
    M x

  • Thanks H, I’d never wish it on anyone but it’s nice to know you’re not alone. I think I managed to catch it just before it made me really ill….although a month straight of migraines was probably an indicator!
    Lots more smiles on the horizon for sure.
    M x

  • You seem to be forgetting A View To A Kill which also holds the title for BEST *worst* MUSIC VIDEO. Even for Duran Duran, which is no mean feat. Glad to see that you’re forever having fabulous Wednesdays and other days in-between each Wednesday xx