Being More Dog

Betty2It hurts my heart that that’s been coined by a corporate machine because, you know, truth.

I started this rather spectacular school day off work – god bless a generous annual leave allowance – high on a hill without a lonely goat, just the two spaniels. Their joy for living is utterly infectious, like Parker from Friends but infinitely less punchable.

Clearly I over thought this beautiful little moment, but seriously, how many times during each and every day do you forget what a bonus it is just to be on the earth? I’m the worst offender. I get bogged down in the moany tripe of day to day living – wasting half hours here and there whinging about the (frankly incomprehensible) state of the loo at work or feeling resentful that I haven’t had a lie in in nearly two years or worrying incessantly about work/life/love/money. I forget wholeheartedly to appreciate the little lovely moments tucked away inside each day, the moments that make life worth living – like standing on a hillside with the sun on my face watching my babies skip around without a care in the world.


So I’ll be trying desperately conscientiously from now on to be more dog:

Seeking out joyful little moments everywhere. There is joy to be found in between the real living we do and if they’re tucked away too far, I’ll make my own. No-one is responsible for our happiness but us. I can definitely make some happy little nuggets to enjoy each day whether it’s finding five minutes to read something I love, eating the macaron or telling someone they’re a bit of alright.

Being inquisitive. Pete and Betty are nosy little tykes. Being inquisitive and assimilating knowledge from everywhere is how we learn, how we develop, how we move forward. Amidst the bustle of living it can be hard to keep your mind open to new things, new knowledge, new experiences. I’m doing it from now on.

Loving effusively. Love should not be conditional or reliant on other people and circumstances. Pooch love is pure and abundant and trusting. I want to be that. I think the world could benefit from everyone being a little more that.

Being present. Apart from when they’re clearly plotting my demise, those hounds don’t half live in the here and now. No worrying about what is to come or over analysing what’s already been. When I learn the secret to this one I’ll let you know instantly.

Enjoy simplicity. Pete is never happier than when chasing a ball or hiding some discarded can of Relentless under the seesaw in our local park (the heart wants what it wants). I need to find more pleasure in the simplest of things – books and flowers and rainbows and what not.

Sleeping like the dead.  I have little control over this but I’m a notoriously poor sleeper – I’d like very much for that not to be the case. Enter lots of common sense hints and tips on sleep hygiene and a promise to do each and everyone of them before falling into a blissful slumber.

It’s no secret just how unhealthy my relationship with these four legged fiends is but even I have my limits, I will not be pooping in public, digging holes in the husbands’ lawn or licking my junk for anyone. What does ‘junk’ even mean? It’s bum right? Tell me it’s bum.

Shall we be more dog? Let’s not be more cat, they’re devilish.


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