A Weekend By The Sea: Buckland-Tout-Saints, Devon


Yes you would be right, we do live by the sea but we like the sea ok? Also that up there is definitely not the sea. And actually we stayed out Monday to Wednesday so it wasn’t even a weekend.. And really the hotel is slap bang in the middle of the countryside but there was very beautiful sea pretty close by. So really it was  a Monday-to-Wednesday-stay-in-a-hotel-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-and-we-drove-to-the-seaside but that’s slightly less catchy.

Spaniels and I took a mini-break to Buckland Tout Saints. There’s a lot to be said for holidaying within 30 minutes of your house, mostly the fact that you can rush home to pick up your carefully folded (but no less forgotten) pile of knickers.

10 Reasons You Should Think About Staying

1) All the fields (Pete not included). More importantly the footpaths across the fields for exploration purposes.

DSC_10712) It could not be in a more picturesque location. FYI the sea was visible right behind that enormous clump of trees dominating that photo. Must do better Michelle.


3) It’s massively dog friendly but they’re not over the top about it. It’s not in the remotest bit shabby or run down and there wasn’t a dog hair in sight (that probably wasn’t the same when we left…)

The pooches got their own little welcome pack with bowls and balls and treats, dog towels by the door for Apres Romp Through The Countryside and sausages for breakfast!

Buckland Tout Saints

4) The bed was ridiculously comfy and huge. Lay with my arms stretched all the way out huge.

DSC_10755) No phone signal (relax, there was wifi) so a bit easier to switch off.

DSC_10816) Did I mention the countryside?

DSC_11857) The grounds were beautiful The gardener deserves a medal. Or at least a bit of cake.

Buckland Tout Saints8) The Afternoon Tea and its scones the size of door stops.

DSC_12009) The food was ridiculously good, tell everyone you meet to go there good.

10) I feel old and hoity toity talking about service but everyone who worked there seemed to want to be there and they smiled, with teeth, and were friendly and helpful and lovely. Why do we always tell others about the crap service and the good stuff goes unrecognised? I’m on a one woman mission.

Dogs or no dogs, you could do a lot worse than a little break in the depths of the Devon countryside, eating all the food and galivanting over hill and down dale.

I booked and paid for this mini-break all by myself and would willingly do so again. In fact…

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