A Very Devonish Set of New Years Resolutions

Whether you’re pro resolutions or firmly in the ‘no way, no how, nuh uh’ camp, the start of each new year feels a little like pulling the curtains on a brand new sunny day – full of possibility and dreams yet to be realised. Or to put it slightly less prettily: a chance to fix all of last years cock ups and avoid making the same mistakes again. 

My sole resolution for 2016 is to be a bit happier.  I do believe, and I never fail to harp on about it, that happiness is a choice so whether it’s making the decision to move more, eat less, laugh harder, buy more bras so that when the dog chews the only one that fits after Christmas and you have to wear a bikini instead and feel like a shambles of a human being for the day, all of those little things will contribute to my overall resolution of being a bit happier.  That’s the only real way to make it happen isn’t it? Taking tiny steps in the direction you want to move. And being consistent. 

I’m working on a couple of more tangible, Torbaydian resolutions too. In the inexplicable absence of the Bid, whose job is it now to shout from the rooftops about our towns? Well, not solely mine. But I’ll be trying to do my bit: shopping a bit more mindfully and locally to make use of so much wonderful local produce that we have, choosing independent shops and restaurants when possible and being louder and prouder on the blog about what is on my doorstep.  I’m not suggesting you need to start writing your life on the internet, just being a bit more positive will help! 

In the lull before New Year I put down the cheese, or maybe I grabbed a chunk to gnaw on for the journey, and took the spaniels to Elberry Cove. There was a break in the downpour when the sun came out to reveal the most beautiful view, one that I didn’t shut up about for the rest of my holiday. We are extraordinarily lucky to be where we are in the world, I plan not to let anyone forget it in 2016. 

And I’ll be trying my best to support the incredible work of local charities wherever possible too. Those that benefit our friends and neighbours like Rowcroft Hospice and the work they do with patients and families both in the hospice and in our South Devon communities and Paignton based Anode who are working hard to support local families in a different way. 

Whatever your resolutions for this year, whether they’re life changing for you or someone else, I wish you all the success for 2016. 

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