So ballot, much electors, very democratic

Election 2015

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Yep, that’s boohockey. It doesn’t feel very democratic 90% of the time and I’m certain there will not be ‘much electors’ HOWEVER if you are over the age of 18 and you have all the necessary permissions, please please use your vote today.

Those ‘leaders’ pedaling their wares and their murky manifestos, out kissing babies and wearing hard hats at every opportunity to be ‘one of the people’, bitching about each other in glorious technicolour, are now in desperate need of your tick in their box.

You may still not know which of them, if any, you trust with our country for the next five years. In all honesty none of them inspire any kind of confidence that they actually can pull some rabbit from their hard hat and achieve the most benefit for the most people.  Which is really the best that we can hope for: the UK is a land of such disparity that no one leader, no one set of values, principles and policies will ever make life better for all sixty something million of us. BUT STILL, you should show up to have your voice heard.

It’s a sad state of affairs that so many of us feel so very disillusioned. That our options are tactical voting, settling for someone we have no reason to believe won’t screw us over at the first opportunity, voting for the ‘lesser of the evils’ or Nigel effing Farage. BUT STILL you should show up to your polling station.

If you really can’t decide on where to place your faith for the next few years then write that on your paper (probably not in one of the boxes next to one of the names…) or perhaps draw a small rude sketch to demonstrate your displeasure with the whole situation. Doesn’t it send an equally powerful message if the turnout is higher but the margins are smaller? Doesn’t it say that actually we’ve had enough of this shit, give us someone decent to vote for, somewhere to put our trust?

No matter how little I think of those men and women who do make themselves look utter tits to win us over to their strange little tribes (looking at you and your Mockney, Ed) I just can’t bring myself not to show up and have my say. This would be the part where we discuss Suffragettes and Nigeria and Saudi Arabia so I’ll spare you that, this day is dark enough as it is. BUT STILL….

I’m almost afraid to ask about you and voting….but tell me anyway? Doing it? Done it? Refusing to get involved? Let’s keep it civil though, that’s the beauty of free speech – all opinions are valid. Except she who shall not be named. Hers are not.

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