Life By Numbers

life by numbersWell..hello there! I’m going to steadfastly resist the very British urge to apologise for the hiatus of late; this absence does go a little beyond the usual procrastination superpower I possess. In all honesty I’ve been a touch nervous about being here in this space which documents a significant period of a life that now looks markedly different. Turns out that was a dumbass decision, opening up the browser felt a little like bumping into an old friend in the big girdle section of Debenhams – some vulnerability, a little awkwardness but ultimately a bit of a treat.

And yes, I am going to follow that deliciously vague intro with a pithy little life by numbers post, probably featuring tea. It’s how I roll, this isn’t news. 

60 blissful minutes spent nestled in a sunny corner outside Alexandra Palace on Sunday reading, people watching, basking and caffeinating. There is something my soul loves about being surrounded by other humans whilst simultaneously being cocooned in a bubble of plinky plonky music and lost in a book. The view wasn’t hideous either. life by numbers

2 hours of the meltiest (it’s a word), most delicious yoga with Tara Stiles on Sunday afternoon. My love affair with yoga is well documented, and I am always grateful for any opportunity to rock up on a mat and give myself a little time and space.

1 awkward photo mocked up like a Victorian portrait in a bowling alley. I don’t know why but oh how we laughed. Add onto that a shameful 47 points scored in my first bowling match (is ‘match’ the word?!) in 7 years. Praise be that neither being cool nor getting strikes are pivotal to my success in life.

1 friendly shoulder snoozed upon in the back of a cab. I’m learning not to underestimate the power of human contact. Again, blame the yoga – I’m one tie dye hoodie away from full douchery. Jokes, I’m already full douche.

Immeasurable amounts of gratitude for the great friends who have consistently shown up for me this year. If you’re reading this and wondering if it was you, it absolutely was. Thank you doesn’t seem enough.

3 hours whiled away re-watching Brass Eye on YouTube. Avoided calling this a waste of time as any time spent belly laughing is not a waste.

Approximately 376 cups of tea consumed. And at least 6 packets of ginger nuts. It’s the British solution to everything for a reason.

67 times I have felt somewhat overwhelmed by the blank canvas my little life now is.

67 times I have felt excitement and a certain amount of gratitude for the blank canvas my little life now is. Yes, in spite of the pain getting here.

215 miles of chit chat, chilled tunes and beautiful skies with Katie as we pootled back to Devon. Regardless of the adventure that precedes it, heading back towards Devon always feels like coming home.

beautiful sunrises or sunsets I have made the effort to catch, each one feeling like a gift. life by numbers

The number of songs on my epic running playlist hit 250. Clearly not because I plan on running for 250 songs worth of time but because it adds a little danger to proceedings to hit shuffle and see what pops up. They are, of course, all unarguably stonking tunes but I’m one of those runners whose legs subconsciously (legs don’t have consciousness sub or otherwise, I know this) keep pace with the beat of the music. The randomness is less than ideal for training but every single one of those songs makes me smile and distracts me from the agony that is running past age 30 – no-one tells you about the rapid deterioration of your knees when you hit the fourth decade.  The struggle is real.

new home inhabited.

new job embarked upon.

And that’ll do for now. I hope you’ll stick with me whilst I figure out what’s next both for me and for this little corner of the web. However those things turn out, it will be a beautiful adventure and you’re very welcome to come along.

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