Being a Human Being

Being A Human BeingIt’s always a dicey little game tackling politics, especially on a blog that is normally filled with drivel about inside out knickers and recipes for things a toddler could cook, but I make no apologies for what’s to come. If compassion isn’t your thing, leave now and come back tomorrow for jam recipes and pictures of my face.

Still with me? Deep breath, we’re doing this.

The UK has a monumental problem with refugees at the moment but it’s not the one that the Daily Fail would have you believe: the issue is with our collective souls, our compassion, our general goodwill to all men (women and children). Because out there, lonely, afraid and desperate are real live human beings. Human beings like you and me who cannot reside happily and safely in their own countries and they are begging for our help. Human beings who are dying, who are watching their children die, who have had to make the incomprehensible choice between staying in a country they know and love to face death or making the tortuous journey to seek out life. And still face probable death. Can you even imagine having to make a decision like that for your family? We are ridiculously fortunate on our safe little island. Can you comprehend having to flee Britain on a dinghy with everyone you love? Knowing that, chances are, you’re not all going to make it.

That’s not to say there is not hardship here in the UK that also needs tackling, of course there is, but where is our nations’ soul? That we can look out to sea and see the most wretched lives and not want to open our arms is inexplicable and it makes me sad. It makes me a little bit ashamed to be British.

I don’t think I’ve ever said that before.

Our Prime Minister is standing firm on his commitment to tackle to source of the problem…bravo. Not a one pronged approach though is it? Germany will take in in four times the number of displaced people this year than it did last year, that’s 800,000 people. Nearly one million humans.  Between June 2014 and June 2015, the UK took 166 Syrian refugees. Theresa May remains icy.

166. That’s maybe fewer people than you’ll encounter this week. It’s 0.00027% of our entire (very conservatively estimated) population. 4 million people have fled Syria. FOUR MILLION.

In addition to not taking in more, our national attitude stinks. It’s repellent. Those who are happy to stand up and condemn so many people at their very wits end as ‘scroungers’ from our safe little haven surrounded by sea make my heart hurt.  One day you might need help too, I do hope no-one shuts the door in your face.

Once again the British media has a lot to answer for (and don’t even get me started on the continued air time afforded to vitriol spewing loudmouths who deserve no place in the national public eye). Scaremongering headlines and gross misuse of the word ‘migrant’ only exacerbate already ill-informed opinions. To be clear these people are not migrants: they are not choosing to seek out a better life or a free ride in the UK, to live off a cushty welfare state (ha). This is NOT a voluntary decision, they are fighting to live. That’s it. To survive.  To see another sunrise.

We have a responsibility as world citizens to do more. To take as many refugees as we can, like others in Europe, as well as looking to the source. To help those who face such abhorrence through the sheer luck of the draw on where they were born.

It’s not about being too liberal or a ‘bleeding heart’. Nor is it about opening our borders freely and without control. It’s simply about being human f**king beings.

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