That’s Not News

That's Not NewsLast month there were an unbelievable number of ‘news’ stories and all kinds of media hoohah about YouTuber Zoe Sugg’s, well, hoohah. After posting a picture of herself on social media with a hint of knicker band showing the press went wild over her ‘racy new image’. FYI if being make up free and walloping out a peace sign make you racy then I haven’t been racy since late 1999. That hurts.

I digress, my point is that that’s not news. Terrorist attacks are news, murder is news, earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador? News. Girl takes a picture of herself – not news. Girl reveals that she has flesh under her clothes – not news.

Last week a news alert flashed up on my phone: Jennifer Lawrence had her norks out. She had the audacity to take her mid-twenties body out to a film premiere sans bra and wearing a black top that was apparently not immune to the flashes of a thousand industrial sized paparazzi cameras. For shame.

First off, they’re boobs, the presence of them is not news.

But worse, the same day Jennifer Lawrence had once again reignited the Hollywood debate around equal pay for women in movies. Highlighting that the inequality of pay means that there’s a period of each year that women effectively work for free compared to their male counterparts. It’s an important issue. She acknowledges that she speaks from a position of huge privilege on the subject of equal pay and whilst most of us cannot relate to the numbers involved, the base issue is the same and it needs talking about. It needs talking about until it’s not an issue that affects any woman anywhere.  That little nugget came at the end of the piece after a thousand pictures of Jennifer  Lawrences boobs had burnt themselves onto my retinas.

Do you know what’s not a newsworthy issue that needs addressing? The fact that half of the world has breasts.   The only time I’d be interested in what’s under J-Law’s shirt would be if she took off said shirt and throttled Bambi with it. Until then, not news.

In the same way that Zoe’s photo doesn’t make her a totally shoddy role model for young women, Jennifer Lawrence’s boobs do not make her arguments on equal pay for women any less powerful or relevant or newsworthy. I suppose ‘Alright Role Model’ and ‘Woman Fights for Equality’ just don’t make for compelling headlines.

Perhaps if she wrote her argument on her chest…

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