Torbay in the Springtime

Wonderful Wednesday

Sure, Autumn is all kinds of beautiful but without a shadow of a doubt spring is the best time of year to be a Devonian, more specifically a Torbaydian. 

With each cheery new daff that bursts into being and every gleaming white snow drop that pops its little head through the frosty ground, it feels like the whole place is yawning and stretching and starting to wake again. Our little spot by the sea is coming back to life. 

The magic of a bit of light at either end of the day coupled with spaniels to wear down has taken me out and about to enjoy watching our bit of the South West throw off its wintry hibernation these last few weeks and it’s been swell. 

The National Trust parking permit (no regrets) has taken quite the beating with sunshine fuelled visits to Bradley Park in Newton Abbot and the other Parke at Bovey Tracey.  Home Farm Café shored up its place as one of my absolute favourites with another cracking pourer and an absolute steal of a brunchy baguette. The sausages were divine once wrestled back from the jaws of a very badly trained spaniel. What’s a bit of spit and shouting between good buddies?

Torre Abbey Tea Rooms fed and watered me whilst I sat in the sunshine catching up with old friends. I munched my way through another bit of their ridiculously tasty homemade quiche with a massive hunk of bread and gave serious side eye to the cake.  Those couple of hours in the sunshine – yes, it was freezing and yes I may have a small bout of tennis elbow from having to pull my coat on and off with the clouds, shush I’m in denial – eating good grub and watching the world and his dog flock back to the seaside were just grand. 

And a bog standard Sunday kicked off with Sunday Love Songs and a walk around Cockington; the sight of springing lambs and the heady anticipation of my surely impending dedication was enough to bring a small tear to the eye.  It might have been the cold sting of the wind.  No dedication this week, I remain hopeful, but a post stomp beans on toast and a cuppa in a jam packed Cockington Court Café might have trumped Steve Wright. 

In a nutshell, I’ve spent the last few weeks overdosing on carbs whilst sat in the sunshine with a gazillion other Devonish and my soul is grateful.  

There’s something extra special about this time of year in South Devon: people are a little cheerier, the sea a little bluer and everywhere has a bit more life and bustle. Welcome back Torbaydos, you’re my favourite in the Springtime. 

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