Secret Beaches: Wonwell, Devon

Wonwell Beach

Lovely Sarah of Escape to the Westcountry fame introduced me to Wonwell Beach at the mouth of the Erme Estuary sometime last year. My visits so far have been plagued by me rocking up late, me going the wrong way and me ending up on the wrong side of the estuary. It’s tidal, it was a problem. Oh and me reversing about three miles up a teeny tiny track laughing hysterically and shrugging whilst the hardened country folk glared at me. That was fun.

But on this day my memory held up!

Wonwell is dog friendly all year long, parking is a bugger so it’s not overrun with people and Sarah told me some film or other was shot around here. Maybe more than one, it’s ridiculously beautiful.

I took the posh camera and set the hounds free.





The South West Coast Path runs off to either side of the Estuary – I think it goes to Bigbury in one direction and Bantham in the other, both amazing beaches neither of which I’ve ever seen as deserted and peaceful. I’m doing well at the adventuring lately, within the safe and warm confines of my county.

This post isn’t particularly funny or clever, although he and I did exchange shitty jokes and had a good giggle whilst exploring the beach, it’s just lovely and if you find yourself near by I’d thoroughly recommend detouring. Just check the tide times first, don’t be me.

Got any secrets? Sandy or otherwise.

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